Commercial Department

Our Commercial Department is highly qualified and can offer you the best possible solutions. Additionally, our personnel will prepare appropriate offer and will make further decisions with the Customer.

Assembly of cooling devices, ventilation, and maintenance

The group of our satisfied customers comprise representatives of different sectors. Detailed list and the description can be found in projects.

Cooling systems

We carry out comprehensive assembly of cooling systems, of racks, and furniture, building of cooling chambers and freezers maintaining the continuity of operation. For that purpose we use compressors, units, coolers: glycol and freon. Technologically advanced control systems integrated with full monitoring of work and temperature parameters constitute indispensable elements of the systems.
Meeting the expectations and the specificity of our Customers we provide maintenance and repair services 24/7.

Air-conditioning and Ventilation

In order to ensure the highest standard we select appropriate types of air-conditioning for plants adjusted to the specificity of the facility in order to maintain employers’ and customers’ comfort. We execute exhaust, exhaust and supply ventilation systems, air curtains and centres perform well in office and sanitary premises. The scope of our services also include gravity ventilation system meaning assembly of gravity exhausts and roof turbo vents. Ventilation and air-conditioning units are particularly interesting – they ensure efficient exchange of air filtering it and removing the generated heat or redundant smells which should be eliminated.