Ventilation is one of the necessary types of sanitary installations which ensures full comfort and healthy operation conditions; carrying out modern technological processes and office work would be difficult in different conditions. Modern ventilation devices are designed in order to intensify the use of electric energy and to limit its consumption which confirms one’s belief that such installations become eco-friendly solutions at our homes and in industry.

Ventilation of Industrial Facilities

We execute gravity and mechanical ventilations in warehouse halls and industrial facilities, including:

  • general exhaust (offices)
  • sanitary exhaust for social rooms
  • industrial exhaust
  • spot exhaust (welding shops)
  • gastronomic exhaust (connection to kitchen hoods)
  • laboratory exhaust (fume cupboards)

We assemble supply-exhaust ventilation rooftop unit VBW with water heater and cross-flow heat exchanger. Within the scope of gravity ventilation system we assemble cylindrical exhaust and roof turbo vent.  We ensure guarantee and post-guarantee care.

Ventilation at Home and in an Office

Before designing we carry out a thorough interview in order to select the most appropriate solution: recuperators and ventilation centres, both mechanical (general supply and exhaust), supply-exhaust with heat recovery, as well as gravity and air curtain.