We allow the production of electric energy from gas which is based on gas heat pumps GHP. The combustion engine is powered by gas for the compressor unit assembly drive. The heat produced when the engine is operated is used as a source of heat supplying heat pump circulation in the heating mode, as well as allows for eliminating losses related to the process of defrosting the evaporator which are found in traditional electric systems of heat pumps.
Energy produced in gas heat pumps may be transported to a building in various ways:
• the freon installation with a system of internal receivers in which, using a medium, evaporation or condensation may take place and in the process – appropriate heat exchange.
• water system (AWS) – energy is transferred between the external unit and the AWS exchanger using a medium; in the AWS exchanger energy is transferred to the building using water/glycol. This system, due to the intake/return temperature of water system, works very well when using induction units.
• air system (AHU) uses energy transfer via ventilation unit to the building using the supply system. This system works best in warming up/cooling down large halls, sport centres or industrial facilities.
The heat pumps may be used to generate warm water for a user.