Chilled water

Chilled water – Application

We design and produce chilled water systems as an alternative to freon-based systems. These systems are supplied with cold water at 5-10 C power parameters and return 10-16 ° C, which is distributed through a system of pipes from the source to the receivers. Water source heat exchangers are in the form of a chiller. Receivers in the heat exchange between water and air are coils, and the mediator is freon. Call flow of air in the fan coil in which water flows, will receive heat therefrom and increase chilled water temperature. Chilled water supply to the receiver end is regulated by properly selected team of the pressure equalization valve in each section. This installation has a very low cost of ownership and safety for the environment, because the cooling medium is water in the system. In the case of leakage, outside emerges only water, not like in the case of installing freon – Freon.

We create systems based on water ice with a power of 10 kW to nearly 3,000 kW, depending on the surface that is to be climatizated.