Air-conditioning systems in industrial and commercial facilities

We offer comprehensive execution of air-condition starting with a design to assembly, to start up, and eventually to warranty and post-warranty service. Assembly of split air-condition in private houses, offices or shops. We select the best and the most beneficial solutions in terms of costs and efficiency. In the executed systems we always apply the latest technological solutions and the high-quality products which transfers to safety and efficiency of the air-conditioning system.

The SPLIT air-conditioning for small rooms and the VRV and VRF air-conditioning systems in industrial and large commercial facilities.

Inspections, maintenance, service

We carry out inspections and maintenance works, as well as we provide an experience and efficient warranty and post-warranty service.

The maintenance inspections limit the defects and increase demand for electric energy of some elements of the system. As part of the inspection consumable materials are replaced, agents are filled in, lubrication, washing, and cleaning takes place; operating parameters are compared to the ones declared by the producer; the system leaktightness is checked. In case a defect is detected we inform you about the fact and at the same time we offer you repair in order to maintain full efficiency.

The 24/7 service offers locating the defect and repairing it immediately, if possible. We possess our own warehouse of spare parts; thus, the time and cost of stoppage is significantly minimised.

We also carry out overhauls and repairs of devices damaged due to a fault, i.e. freeze, burn, or mechanic damage. We regenerate devices which decreased the operation parameters due to heavy use.